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Hi, I'm Denise, a 51 year old British girl (yes, I still consider myself a girl ;-) living in the US with my hubby of 17 years, our daughter (14) and two fur babies, Boo (10yr shih tzu) and Bindi (3 yr pomeranian). 

Until a few weeks ago (just before I left for England) I had never heard of Beachbody! I came across the 21 Day Fix program by Autumn Calabrese one day surfing the web. I still can't remember how or where I found it, but the little portion control container system really intrigued me. 

I've often tried to eat clean and sometimes I've gone to a gym or done dvd's at home to try and keep fit, problem is, I've never stuck with it. Lucky for me (I often tell myself), I don't have a lot of weight to lose, I guess that's why I always thought it was ok to stop eating clean and working out, and gradually fall back in the habit of eating processed food (think Hamburger Helper) for dinner, and a few veg.

After I saw the 21 Day Fix I ordered it and wanted to get started straight away, only problem was, I was headed for England just a couple of weeks after, so although I tried to get started, I didn't stick with it for more than a week, then I got busy planning and packing for our trip. I knew too that I wouldn't be eating clean when I was there! I had visions of me eating fish and chips along the beach, and ice cream and cotton candy (or candy floss as we say back home) at the fairground I used to go to as a kid. Of having Indian takeaways and drinking wine with my sister, of cream teas, and pub meals....and guess what, those visions came true! I gained about 4lb while I was there, which for my height probably didn't show that much, but I felt sluggish, and tired by the time I got home. I was rather happy knowing the 21 DF was there waiting for me when I got back! 

Aug 31 - I've since finished the 21 Day Fix and have started round 2 with some other challengers in my private facebook group.  It's not just about losing weight for me, it's about feeling  Fit, Fabulous and Fifty+

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